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New Enquiry Science Framework

The Urban Science framework for enquiry-based science and sustainability is now published.

The framework document lays out the principles and thinking behind Urban Science. It is intended as both a practical document for teachers and educators to develop their own learning modules, and to understand how ready-made modules have been created. It provides a theoretical background to the development of Urban Science learning. Links and references are provided throughout the document to enrich the knowledge of those who wish to delve deeper.

A key challenge addressed is integrating enquiry-based science and sustainability competences. To address this we are developing a tracking tool. This enables teachers to track how competences are being delivered over a series of linked activities. A sample is contained towards the end of the framework.

The framework provides a practical approach for teachers and curriculum developers. Based on four stages, it can be used to develop 'fixed' learning modules in which teacher deliver learning in a linear fashion. Alternatively, competent teachers can 'dance' through the model moving between the stages in the order that works best for their pupils.

Assessment is added for each stage. Details of specific assessment approaches will be released later in the year.

The project partners are now developing specific learning modules based on the framework. We would love to hear your views...get in touch via the contact page.

Read the full framework here.