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Learning Modules

Two draft learning modules have been developed. These focus on the topics of biodiversity and UV light. New modues on energy and mobility are under development

Each module is linked with the curriculum and support delivery of a Required Practical. They provide opportunities for Working Scientifically.

We are now working with four secondary schools in and around Leciester to pilot the modules. Feedback will be used to improve both modules ready for publication. In total we will develop ten learning modules each focusing on a different aspect of science and sustainable cities. Activities linking them together, demonstrating the city as an interconnected system will accompany the learning modules.

We want more schools to trial the learning modules. If you want to be amongst the first to use these new resources, get in touch via the contact page.

Introduction - climate change

This lesson provides an introduction to climate change, and provides basic understanding to prepare students for the Urban Science modules. The module is accompanied by a presentation which can be found by clicking 'Read more'.

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Introduction - systems thinking

This lesson offers an introduction to urban sustainability issues and how they inter-link with each other.

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Grow Wild

This module explores questions about biodiveristy linked to students local city environment.

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In the Shade

In this module the effects of UV light are investigated and results used to design safer spaces for recreation.

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