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Urban Science is supporting competence-based assessment in three ways: firstly, by providing an inventory of useful tools; secondly, through providing a competence rubric; and thirdly, with self assessment tools. A full report detailing the process for selecting and modifying assessment tools is available. To make access directly to the tools easier, they can be found below.

Download full report.

Assessment Tool Inventory

We provide an inventory of available tools from literature and other projects. The inventory contains:

Download the inventory.

Competence Rubric

The rubric serves as a general tool to monitor progress through a period working with Urban Science competences. It can (and should) be modified to suit specific modules and learning objectives if the aim is to track progress through one specific learning module. In that case, the general competence descriptions need to be adjusted to the module’s content, teaching-learning aims and expected learning outcomes. As a small-scale pilot in Hungary suggests, the rubric can also be transformed to a student self-evaluation tool.

Download the rubric.

Self-Assessment Tools

A collection of student self-evaluation tools (with brief descriptions), which offers information on students’ perception on their learning. They help to get a quick overview on the success and efficacy of a specific set of activities within the Urban Science learning journey.

Download self-assessment tools.