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Low Carbon Future

To bring about a low carbon future, we need to address simultaneously all spheres of our lives today: energy, transportation, buildings, forestry management, resources efficiency, our behaviour and a lot of cooperation between different professionals.

A low carbon future does not need to mean a future with less, but it does require doing things differently. It mean s designing cities with more intelligence and awareness of how all the parts fit together and create the whole. So, when designing new neighbourhoods, it means thinking about where to site services to ensure they are accessible by foot and b icycle rather than car. It means ensuring the waste produced by one business becomes the food for the next. It means ensuring we capture all waste streams so that they can be returned and remade into something new. In other words, it means rethinking how we design our cities.

Watch how Stockholm is creating a low carbon future for transport; is this an attractive vision for your city?

For a wider view, this longer presentations talks about whole-city change to low carbon.

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