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Learning Modules

Here you will find eleven learning modules. Each addresses one linked aspect of urban sustainability.

Each module is linked with the curriculum and support delivery of a Required Practical. They provide opportunities for Working Scientifically.

Before using any of the modules below, check the health and safety guidance using the link in the side panel.

All the modules below have been piloted with schools in the UK or Europe. Based on teacher feedback each module has been adapted and improved.

If you have comments and feedback when using any of the modules, get in touch via the contact page.


Introduction - climate change

This lesson provides an introduction to climate change, and provides basic understanding to prepare students for the Urban Science modules. The module is accompanied by a presentation which can be found by clicking 'Read more'.

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Introduction - systems thinking

This lesson offers an introduction to urban sustainability issues and how they inter-link with each other.

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Grow Wild

This module explores questions about biodiversity linked to students local city environment.

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In the Shade

In this module the effects of UV light are investigated and results used to design safer spaces for recreation.

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Zero Waste

Students investigate how cities might look if they achieve zero waste. They explore different ways cities are working towards zero waste and create their own plans to present.

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The City Beneath Our Feet

Students investigate the characteristics of soils, their role in role in urban environments and how soils can be preserved. They use their knowledge of the properties of soils to explore how to reduce flooding in cities.

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Sounds in the City

How do cities sound? You might be surprised what is out there. This module tunes in to how sound affects out daily lives.

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Move It

Students investigate the impact the way we travel has on the urban environment. They explore possible solutions including calculating the amount of carbon emissions trees can sequestrate and alternative forms of travel. They understand how tackling transport can have a range of wider benefits.

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Living Walls

Students investigate issues surrounding the conservation of energy and calculating energy efficiency. They explore these using the context of a living wall and how these can be used in contemporary school buildings to reduce carbon emissions.

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Schools investigate how plastic impacts on the quality of the environment. Students explore how plastic has become a common part of everyday life and a range of ways plastic pollution can be addressed.

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Air pollution is still an issue which blights many cities. Students will interrogate data to understand this key issue, and work with friends and family to present science-based solutions.

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