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Reports and Outputs

This page contains key documents and project reports. The key outputs (learning modules, assessment methods, teacher support) all have their own sections in the website; follow the links to find them.

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Framework for Urban Science

This framework document lays out the principles and thinking behind Urban Science. It is intended as both a practical document for teachers and educators to develop their own learning modules, and to understand how ready-made resources have been created. It also provides a theoretical background to the development of Urban Science learning; links and references are provided throughout the document to enrich the knowledge of those who wish to delve deeper.

Read the framework here.


This report provides a summary of research carried out in each of the partner countries. The research establishes the opportunities for Urban Science learning in each country, and identified key issues that need to be addressed in each country. The research provided the base for the Framework for Urban Science.

Read the summary here. A full report is available on request.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our Monitoring and Evaluation plan lays out our approach and strategy to assess the effectiveness of our work.

Read the plan here.

Partner Meetings

Below you can read the minutes of our partner meeting.

Case Studies

The case studies booklet was prepared as a practical guidebook for science teachers and educators. It summarises the results of the piloting phase of the Urban Science project that took place from September 2017 until October 2020 in six European countries (UK, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy and Hungary). The booklet includes examples of how Urban Science learning materials were used in the classroom to educate young people about the major challenges in making our cities more sustainable.

Read the booklet